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The web site of gusonana

some websites i really like ︙ 我喜欢的一些网站

websites on neocities that i like very much

this website is very calming and i really like the 2000s aesthetic and the color scheme. it makes me feel so very nostalgic.

super cool website and very nostalgic :3 i look forward to seeing your website grow.

oh my goodness is this page beautiful. i HIGHLY reccomend you visit it, and read the log. they are so poetic.

i dig this website a lot!!! super 1990s, i love it :3

this one is super cool, i love the melancholy feel of it.

i loove how cute this website is!! we have a lot of things in common, anyone who likes linguistics is a friend in my book :D

if you're into lefty stuff just like i am, definitely check out this page! i love their web design and colour scheme, and their aesthetics :D

and here is one of my spotify playlists. my taste is super diverse, i like anything from chanson and arab music to death metal and industrial noise. :)